Sky Sports News HQ comes to Now TV

Following Sky’s big Sky Sports News rebrand, it was only a matter of time until the updated channel made its way to the broadcaster’s Now TV set-top box. Already delivering breaking news on smartphones and tablets, the new Sky Sports News HQ app…

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Scientists catch Schrödinger’s cat with quantum physics

Schrodinger’s cat, the good ole thought experiment that’s been twisting (non-Quantum physicist) brains for decades. Scientists might have just caught it. Or not. Typical. What you see above is a combined image where a stencil was bombarded with…

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Apple is launching an ultra-slim MacBook in late 2014 or early 2015

Apple is reportedly working on its slimmest MacBook laptop yet, something various reports have claimed in the past, but Digitimes now says the unidentified MacBook will launch either in the fourth quarter of the year or in 2015. According to sources from Apple’s Taiwan-based supply chain, production of components has already begun in small volumes, although other details have not been revealed regarding the device.

Apple plans to launch a thinner MacBook possibly at the end of 2014 or in 2015. Production of components has begun in small volumes, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers. Apple sold 4.41 million Macs from April-June 2014, up 7% from the previous quarter and 18% on year. Among the sales, 80% were contributed by the MacBook product line, the sources noted. Currently, the MacBook Air’s thickness is 0.3-1.7cm, while the MacBook Pro with Retina has a thickness of 1.8cm. The 13.3-inch MacBook Pro features a thickness of 2.4cm, but the model is expected to be retired by the end of 2014.

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Here’s how digital effects give ‘Game of Thrones’ its grand scale

We’ve already seen how digital effects make Game of Thrones’ world more believable, but there were some spectacular scenes in the show’s fourth season: giant city-states, an undead horse and battles involving thousands of cavalry. Want to know just…

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Disney’s drone research eyes better parades and floating screens

We’ve seen drones used for all sorts of things from film production to package delivery. Now, it seems Disney may be looking to leverage the aerial vehicles for its theme parks. The company has applied for three patents that employ the…

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Google News and Weather have received a major overhaul

The stock Android faithful have been peering at the same UI inside its News and Weather app for quite some time, but today there’s a welcome update. Folks carrying the unskinned version of Google’s OS are now privy to Now’s card-based organization for recent headlines with the weather forecast for the current location situated up top. You can toggle that meteorology widget off and on, or set it to stay with a locale of your choosing or track conditions in multiple places. Swipe through sections with ease, and as you might expect, those handy home screen widgets got a refresh of their own to match. The update seems to be rolling out to compatible devices now, so if you can’t snag it yet, sit tight ’cause it’s on the way.

The built-in Google News and Weather app on stock Android devices hasn’t been given much attention since back in the Android 2.3 days. That changes today, however, with a major update to the app now hitting the Google Play Store. Google News & Weather version 2.0 is now landing on the Play Store for just about all Android devices, and it’s available as an app update for anyone running the old version. The update brings a new layout, incorporating a Google Now-style card-based design, with the ability to swipe between categories and drill down to view the same story from different sources. As before, there are different editions for various countries, and the sections and editions you’re subscribed to can be controlled through the Settings menu — all linked to your Google account, naturally. There’s also an optional weather widget at the top of the main view, which can be configured to show weather based on your current location, or a location you set manually. On top of that there’s a couple of new home screen widgets to choose from — a 4×1 combined weather and news view, and a larger scrolling news feed with a weather forecast pinned to the top. The rollout for the new app seems to still be in progress, so if you’re seeing the app marked as “incompatible” right now, then try checking back in a few minutes. If you’re already using the new Google News and Weather app, hit the comments and let us know what you think!


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The Showtime Anytime app has made its way to Apple TV

Apple TV added Showtime’s new on-demand video service, Showtime Anytime, to the list of channels available to Apple TV user in the U.S. today. The Showtime Anytime service has been available on a number of other set-top boxes, including the Roku, Xbox 360, and Amazon’s FireTV, but is finally coming to Apple’s set-top box as it amps up content ahead of a rumored 2015 redesign. Like many of the channels on Apple TV, Showtime Anytime gives subscribers on-demand access to the network’s original series and programming so you can binge through Dexter’s most gruesome murders until your heart’s content.

Showtime, the premium cable network known for “Dexter” and “Homeland,” has made it past Apple’s gates, with its on-demand videos of full episodes now available on the company’s video-streaming box Apple TV. The app is already available on Roku, which is known for its catalog of thousands of channels, and Amazon’s $99 Fire TV. The $99 Apple TV, which connects to televisions to stream video over the Internet, has been an afterthought in Apple’s device lineup. More than two years have passed without a hardware refresh to a new generation, limiting Apple TV’s recent updates to the addition of new channels, like AOL. Meanwhile, the growing popularity of streaming-media boxes has spurred a wave of competitors to emerge in the last year, including Fire TV and Google’s Chromecast. Apple’s gated approach to channel selection for Apple TV has kept its library of channels low, and some of the most enticing channels teased as coming to Apple TV — such as a Time Warner Cable appthat streams live channels from the cable provider over the Internet — have yet to appear.

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