Stage 6 – Joining the Dodo Bird

February 25, 2008

Stage6 to Shut Down on February 28

You may remember the Stage6 service as the sole provider of illegal movie downloads and serious copyright infringements. But in reality it was the first innovative provider and pioneer of VOD for people in any country, no restrictions.

It’s a shame that people will no longer be able to build their illegal movie collections by simply clicking “download.” Damn you Hollywood!

Also say goodbye to aggregator sites such as Joox & Quicksilverscreen (using Google Video now).

Hit the link to read the message from “Spinner”

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The Time Fountain – Optical Illusion

February 25, 2008

Start with the video…

[youtube rvY7NGncCgU]

How are the effects possible?
Strobe lights work by only allowing us to see an object a few times a second. Because our brain is still merging the images it’s getting from the retina, the effect is that we perceive the object in “slow motion.” Some objects, such as a dripping water, can even be made to appear “frozen” by matching the flashes of light to the speed of the object.

You can check out more detailed info here:

Phun – 2D Physics Sandbox

February 25, 2008

Check out PHUN in this video –

[youtube 0H5g9VS0ENM]

“Phun is a Master of Science Theises by Computing Science student Emil Ernerfeldt for supervisor Kenneth Bodin at VRLab, Umeå University. The solver is based on work by Claude Lacoursière

Phun is meant to be a playground where people can be creative. It can also be used as an educational tool to learn about physics concepts such as restitution and friction.

Phun was coded in C++ using OpenGL, GLEW, SDL (for window management), SDL_image (for reading images) and boost, including boost_filesystem. Everything was coded by me, including the physics engine and user interface.”

Download the Beta version here

Enjoy all of the 2D physics that you can handle.

If you design anything interesting record it and we’ll post the video.

Xbox 360 – HD-DVD player $50

February 25, 2008

This doesn’t come as a big surprise! Xbox 360′s HD-DVD player is now available for the bargain basement price of 49-dollars.  So you now have two options — Purchase the player and use it as a High-Tech coaster or throw your money into the sewer. The choice is yours.

Intel’s Dunnington – Previewed

February 25, 2008

Intel Dunnington

What is Dunnington?

Dunnington is Intel’s not yet released 45nm 6-core Xenon Processor. Slated to succeed Intel’s Tigerton 65nm Xenon Processor.

What’s with the Hype?

The specs and details were not supposed to be made public for some time. However, “somehow” SUN mismanaged their resources and spilled the beans earlier this week.

These sexy beasts include 16MB of L3 cache that will be shared by all six cores. Seperated into pairs, the “core-pairs” will also have 3MB of L2 cache available for use. Each chip will contain updated instruction sets such as — SSE4. Intel will also be abandoning the dated Front-side bus model for a system similar to AMD’s Hypertransport.

When can you expect to see these running your servers?

Speculation has led us all to believe that we will be able to pickup Dunnington sometime during Q4 2008.

RIM suing the already hurting Motorola

February 18, 2008

MONTREAL (Reuters) – BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion has sued Motorola , over what the Canadian company says are patent infringements and “exorbitant” licensing fees, according to court documents.

The civil action, filed on Friday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, alleges that Motorola infringed on a number of patents held by RIM.

In addition, RIM alleges that Motorola “is demanding exorbitant royalties…for patents that Motorola claims are essential to various standards for mobile wireless telecommunications and wireless computing that RIM practices.”

This includes technology that allows mobile telephone handset users to use Wi-Fi, RIM said.

At the same time, Motorola is refusing to acknowledge or pay royalties for certain patents held by RIM, the BlackBerry-maker said.

RIM claims that Motorola’s response to the “declining fortunes” of its own handset business can been seen in dramatic increases in royalties charged to RIM.

None of the allegations has been proved in court.
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HD-DVD receiving the final blow, tomorrow

February 18, 2008

Tuesday February 19th, 2008 is a dark day for HD-DVD early adopters. Toshiba is slated to make a public announcement disclosing the discontinuation of HD-DVD. Hardware sales will cease and the media will meet it’s doom in March. Toshiba will be pulling it’s hardware from store shelves; including personal computer drives. Toshiba will be losing hundreds of millions in the decision but in the end it’s us early adopters that are getting the axe.

Can you get a refund? Not bloody likely. As an early adopter you should already know that it’s usually a lose lose situation once the head-honchos have made a choice such as this.

What will you be doing with your useless and truly disappointing piece of High-Def hardware and media?

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