LG’s Optimus G followup to feature a Snapdragon 800 CPU

June 20, 2013

LG's Optimus G followup to feature a Snapdragon 800 CPU

LG and Qualcomm have enjoyed a close relationship for mobile phone chips, and it appears that will continue with the next Optimus G device, which is due in Q3. A press release tonight promises it will feature a Snapdragon 800 CPU for “the ultimate mobile experience” — a claim benchmarks seem to back up. Qualcomm says the new 800 chip can best the original Optimus G’s S4 Pro by “up to 75 percent” in performance, although what may be more interesting is how this aligns with a LS980 handset that recently leaked on Sprint’s website. The release also highlights the new chip’s ability to use LTE Advanced carrier aggregation for even faster bandwidth speeds, so while a Galaxy S 4 variant may deliver the feature first, it probably won’t be alone for long.

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